Lockdown – humans quiet. a strange stillness, clear skies, but time and space feel crowded with being and becoming.

The ground is talking: fossils speaking from the very distant past dug out of the Earth chatter with broken remnants of human stories formed from bits of bottle and pot. A pair of Blackbirds is attuned to the spade that gives them worms and makes their baby feeding a much easier job.  Things found can be sorted, arranged and be made into patterns and mosaics. They can be brought into new relations with each other disrupting their chronology, folding the timeline into new shapes and different stories. A garden seat becomes their future. 


Make a garden seat. Read Hodder. Read Heidegger. Make charcoal – ‘enframe’ the winter deadwood to cook food.  Ponder the problem of technology. Make clay and marry- up materials in new entanglements. Clay worked apart from its soil mingles with the remains of metal things and glass and fire; melting, merging, glowing loudly crackle and pop! The humans are being very quiet making lots of noise in a silent new materiality – devices, microphones, chips, zeros and ones, electromagnetic waves, light beams, cell towers, switching centres, wires, hubs, data, science, statistics, faces on screens, all enmeshed within a hidden cacophony letting other stuff ‘vibrate’, call out, ‘bristle’. In the quietness, in the strange stillness, beneath clear skies, in the time and space crowded with ‘being’, if you are sensually present to the stuff, you may feel its allure.


The Titan, trickster, Prometheus, stole fire from the Olympian Zeus, he hid it in a fennel stalk and gave it to mankind who he had formed from water and clay.  To punish him, Zeus commands that Prometheus is ‘chained’ to Mt. Caucasus for eternity where every day, his liver will be pecked out by an eagle (but it grows back at night).

Prometheus: A malleable myth full of ambiguities, rich in symbols and powerful themes. * FIRE * CLAY * EAGLE* CHAIN * FENNEL *…


What a moment of happenstance inspiration! AND my fennel is about to flower in the garden 🙂